Everyone is not Your Customer

The more well-defined your customer, the more confidence the reader has that you actually know your market. What is the geographic scope of your market? Is this a hard or soft boundary? Describe demographics of target customers. Why will a customer buy your product? Who are the innovators – the ones who will be first to buy – among target customers?

Looking for more help defining your target customer, this video can help.

What is Important to Your Customer

From the customer’s perspective, describe the three most important features of your product. Which of the following elements will be most influential in your customer’s buying decision? Which are irrelevant?

Select 2 – 3 that you consider most critical. This is where you need to focus your actions and marketing messages.

  • Price and Quality
  • Your Reputation and Customer Service
  • Product Appearance and Size
  • Packaging, Ease of Handling, and Trans-portability
  • Variety
  • Operating Characteristics
  • Location, Facilities, and Hours of Operation
  • Credit Terms
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Seasonal Cycles