Random Strangers to Raving Fans

Learn to use digital marketing to drive prospects through your sales funnel


People don’t become customers overnight.

They start out as random visitors to your website, or someone you bump into at a networking event. Helping those strangers get to know you is a process which involves delivering the right message at the right time.

Using digital marketing tools will allow you to move prospects through your sales funnel, leading them to yes, and beyond.

Learn at our own pace.  Take the course start to finish, or simple dive into the areas where you need help

Topics Include:

Write content to answer prospect questions
Design web pages that lead prospects to yes
Attract Google with common sense SEO strategies
Drive targeted engaged audiences with paid ads
Convert prospects with compelling offers
Close the sale and build relationships with email
Use Google's new G4 to measure results

Everyone learns differently.

This course includes a variety of resources to accomodate your best learning style. 


17 Videos

10 Worksheets

5 Podcasts

Meet your Instructors

Lorraine Ball

Lorraine Ball

After spending too many years in Corporate America, Lorraine said goodbye to the bureaucracy, glass ceilings and bad coffee and channeled into her passion of helping small business owners succeed. 

Today, this entrepreneur, author, professional speaker, and host of More than a Few Words, a marketing podcast, brings creative ideas, practical tips, and decades of real-world experience to every conversation. 

As the founder of the Digital Toolbox Club she helps business owners use internet marketing to grow. And in her  spare time, she loves to travel, and take photos.  You can see her photos at lorraineball.com

Jennifer Denney

Jennifer Denney

I have been in digital marketing for over 10 years and it’s an absolute passion of mine. I am very data driven and love to analyze data from many data points using various tools. There isn’t a decision I make today without the data to back it up. I believe strongly in the fact that almost all digital marketing gives you the ability to measure and execute with a higher precision than ever before.

Some of my strongest attributes is my ability to take on any challenge. I am not unnerved by something that I have not done before. I’m a true learner and I’m constantly self-teaching myself though reading of articles, conferences and I stay well networked with fellow marketing experts.

Lorraine can talk marketing theory with the  best of them. But she stands apart by her ability to put the theory into down and dirty practice, yielding concrete, tangible results.

Matt Michele

President, Service Roundtable

Jennifer is patient and approachable. You can ask her any question without feeling stupid. She takes very complex concepts and boils them down for you so they’re easier to understand.

Shannon Samson


Drive Traffic

Engage Prospects 

Paid Ads

In competitive markets, well-targeted ads allow you to deliver relevant messages to drive prospects to your business. 


Help Google drive traffic to your website by presenting relevant information in a way that makes sense to search engines and people.


Prospects have four types of questions as they more through the buying journey.  Your website must answer those questions. 


First impressions matter.  In the first few seconds your website has to prove to visitors they have come to the right place.

Convert Prospects 

Measure Results

Compelling Offers

Engage visitors with relevant offers like quizzes, white papers and worksheets in exchange for  contact information. 

Auto Response Campaigns

Stay connected with relevant offers and follow-up messages based on prospect’s interests


Google is rolling out a new tool, G4 to help you track your web performance.  Learn to use it before universal analytics disappear.