Become a Digital Marketing Journeyman

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What is a Journeyman? 

A Journeyman, is a qualified and well trained tradesman.  The advanced resources of the digital toolbox are what you need to become a digital marketing tradesman.  When you have mastered the basics our library of checklists, whitepapers, workbooks, webinars and recordings will help you build our the skills you need to take your marketing to the next level.  


Journeyman Membership:


What's in the Journeyman Toolkit?

Interactive Webinars and Recordings

Join us every month for lively webinars on a range of digital topics. Can't attend the live session?  No worries, as a Journeyman, you have unlimited access to our complete recording library.

Attend premium sessions at NO additional cost.

Self-Paced Learinng

Some topics can't be mastered in one sitting.  Our self-paced programs give you time to put what you learn into practice.    Depending on the topic there daily and weekly programs.   

Registration fee for these programs is included in your membership. 


Our resource library is filled will all the tools you need to improve your digital marketing program.  Webinar recordings,  workbooks, checklists and how to guides on all aspects of digital marketing including: SEO, Social Media, Inbound Marketing, Metrics, Email Marketing, Blogging and Strategy tools. 

New tools are added monthly

Advanced Planning Guides

In addition to all the  workbooks, and checklists in our library, you'll find advanced planning guides created just for Journeymen.

Facebook Community

Join other business owners just like you who are ready to take their digital marketing to the next level. Drop-in regularly to ask or answer a questions, check out a video, or share an idea.

Marketing Support in Your Inbox

Have a quick question?  Journeymen have access to the expertise of the entire Roundpeg team.  Drop us an email with your question.

Micro Classes and White Board Sessions

These quick ten-minute pop-up sessions answer questions or dive into just one piece of your marketing puzzle. Hosted in the Facebook group, you can watch them live, or drop in when your schedule permits to watch the recording. 

Virtual Networking

Join us once a month for an interactive conversation with other members of the Toolbox community.  Make new connections without ever leaving your home. 

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