Top Facebook Mistakes You are making Now

Facebook ads aren’t very expensive. For just $5.00/day you can reach thousands of prospective customers. At least that’s what Facebook promises. But you could be wasting your money if you are making simple mistakes.


In this course you will learn how to  . . .

Align goals, objectives and budgets

When these three elements are not connected it is unlikely ads will drive results. 

Drive Traffic Through Your Funnel

Learn how to test campaigns and drive visitors to relevants parts of your sales funnel.

Avoid Campaign Fatigue

Learn how to vary your ads to you and your audience do not get tired of the messages. 

Measure Your Results

Learn to install the Facebook pixel to track results.  We will also cover some of the tricks to leveraging the Faceebook algorithm. 

Jennifer Denney

Meet Your Instructor

Jennifer Denney

I have been in digital marketing for over 10 years and it’s an absolute passion of mine. I am very data driven and love to analyze data from many data points using various tools. There isn’t a decision I make today without the data to back it up. I believe strongly in the fact that almost all digital marketing gives you the ability to measure and execute with a higher precision than ever before.

Some of my strongest attributes is my ability to take on any challenge. I am not unnerved by something that I have not done before. I’m a true learner and I’m constantly self-teaching myself though reading of articles, conferences and I stay well networked with fellow marketing experts.

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When it comes to advertising, it is not just how much you spend, but how well you use the advertising tools to spend well. 

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