31 Days of Email Marketing Tips

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Start with a great subject line to capture the attention of the reader.  And be sure to personalize it with their name. [/sc_fs_faq]

Originally shared as daily updates in our Facebook group you can find all 31 of our favorite email marketing tips and statistics below.   


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#1 – 85% of Americans open their email every day.  If you want to reach prospective customers, email is a great way to reach lots of people at once. 

#2 – Emails sent on Tuesday have the best open rate.  While this is true in general, you may want to test this for your list.

#3 – The average unsubscribe rate is .1%.  If your rate is significantly higher, you may want to adjust your content and your frequency. 

#4 – Permission based lists have the highest open rate.

#5 – There are 293.6 billion emails sent every day. That is a lot of messages.

#6 – Plain text emails have a higher open rate than HTML.  Sometimes a simple email is the most efffective way to reach your customers. 

#7 – Open rates range from 15- 30%.

#8– The best length for your subject line is 4 – 6 words. Longer subject lines will often be truncated by various email clients.

#9 – The average click rate 2.6%.  Don’t focus on the rate, focus on the people who actually click on your links. These are your raving fans and hot prospects.

#10 – Less is more, keep emails short.  Do not exceed  20 lines of text or less.

#11 – Limit images in email to 3 or less.

#12 – Limit buttons in email – 3 or less.

#13 – 81% of small business owners rely on email as their primary marketing tool.

#14 – Introduce the call-to-action in the top third of the email.

#15 – Most small businesses send one email a month

#16 – Personalized emails have 50% higher open rate

#17 – Email converts at higher rate than social and search combined

#18 – Video increases email clicks by 65%

#19 – 49% of email is opened on mobile devices

#20 – 59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation

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#21 – 73% of millenials prefer email for business communication

#22 – There is a 14% HIGHER open rate with segmented lists

#23 – There is typically 100% more clicks with segmented lists

#24 – Avoid ALL CAPS in subject lines

#25 – Avoid excessive punctuation!!! in subject lines and body copy

#26 – Build loyalty with consistency.  Set a schedule and stick to it.

#27 – Get noticed with clever subject lines

#28 – 30% of readers don’t download images

#29 – Always A/B test subject lines

#30 – Pre-header text increases open rate

#31 – Automated email is used by 49% of businesses




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