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Register for Web Audit

Register for Web Audit

Are you welcoming visitors or sending them back to Google to find your competitors? Don't disappoint visitors with an out of date website. Learn how to make web visitors feel welcome and turn them into prospects.In this course you will learn how to  . . .Evaluate and...

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Business Map Landing Page for Infostack

  Writing a business plan does not have to be overwhelming or time consuming when you start with a simple outline and refine it along the way. This self-paced program is designed to help you do just that. To register you will need to create an account first. ...

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Introduction to Blogging for Business

Blogging improves your search ranking, gives you a chance to showcase work examples, fuel your social media updates and so much more. How do you get started? This  course will show you how. REGSITER NOW

Content Strategy

Effective content doesn’t happen by accident. It is built on a strategy which considers a few key questions:  REGISTER NOW


Time to Get Personal

It is time to stop sending the same generic messages to everyone on your list.  Learn how to improve your results with targeted and personalized email campaigns. REGISTER NOW

Better Looking Email

First impressions matter.
If you want a positive response to your email campaign, you need to make a positive first impression. Discover the design tricks which make readers want to learn more. REGISTER NOW

Read This Now

You have just a moment to capture someone’s attention as you compete with hundreds (or thousands) of marketing messages directed at your prospective customers every day.

Learn how to: Write headlines which answer the question What’s in it for me? REGISTER NOW


Inbound Basics

Inbound marketing is transforming the way consumers gather information. Consumers and businesses alike take their time gathering data before making a purchasing decision. Are you investing enough to give them what they’re looking for?  REGISTER NOW

Click This

Introduction to landing page design.  – If there is a steady stream of traffic to your website, but only a few people are filling out conversion forms you are wasting your marketing, letting precious leads slip through your fingers.  REGISTER NOW


Shorten Your Sales Cycle

After you capture email addresses  automated email campaigns move those casual connections through your sales funnel.

With touches at just the right time, you can convert prospects into customers.  REGISTER NOW


Introduction to Content Based SEO

If your goal is to generate results by driving qualified prospects to your website skip the technical tricks and focus on answering questions to satisfy the curiosity of human visitors and search engines. – REGISTER NOW

Local SEO

You may never be able to compete with large national brands, so focus your energy on winning local search.  REGISTER NOW 

SEO for WordPress

Learn how to use simple plugins  and Google tools to make the most of your WordPress site. REGISTER NOW

Social Media

Making Sense of Online Marketing

Just getting started with online marketing or not seeing the results you’ve hoped for…this session is for you. Learn the foundational elements  to get the word out about your business and you won’t need a marketing degree to do it! REGISTER NOW

Simple Recipe for Social Media Success

​Social Media changes so fast it is hard to keep up. Discover the latest trends, tips, and tricks as well as simple best practices you can use right away. REGISTER NOW


Business Plan Mistakes

Creating a business plan doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time consuming. Avoid the most common pitfalls as you work on your plan. 


Find Your Ideal Client

No matter how cool your product is, there are people out there who don’t want it. If howerver, you  hone in on the audience that is interested with messagess designed to resonate with them, they are much more likely to engage with your brand.   REGISTER NOW

Brand Basics

More than just marketing hype, your brand is about creating an impression of your company in the mind of your prospective customer. It is the basis on which all your other marketing should be built.



Audit Your Website Overview

Discover how to evaluate the design, content, conversion structure, SEO, and traffic sources to uncover opportunities for improvement. REGISTER NOW

Measure Your Website

Learn how to use Google Analytics to measure the performance of your website. Discover who’s coming to your website, and what they do when they arrive.  


Plan Your Redesign

Simplify your web redesign process when you have the answers to questions your web team is sure to ask. REGISTER NOW



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